Don't Risk Destroying Personal and Professional Relationships - Keep LinkedIn Politics-Free



I would recommend keeping LinkedIn Politics Free before and after election day. You could jeopardize relationships with your employer, clients, colleagues, etc.

If politics is your career, you will most likely be listing your position in the work experience section. However, be careful with your posts’ content, as you may reap what you sow – good, bad, and ugly. 

If you want to share your personal political opinions, LinkedIn is not the place for that. Read this Forbes article and Google to read more on this topic. There are many articles to read. 

LinkedIn’s Advertising Policies prohibit advertising many things, including political ads. Specifically, the policy states:

Political ads are prohibited, including ads advocating for or against a particular candidate, party, or ballot proposition or otherwise intended to influence an election outcome; ads fundraising for or by political candidates, parties, political action committees or similar organizations, or ballot propositions; and ads exploiting a sensitive political issue even if the advertiser has no explicit political agenda.”

If LinkedIn’s ad policy is so specific, I would think it would be wise to mirror that philosophy on your profile.

Note that LinkedIn also has Professional Community Policies as well as a User Agreement.  

Don’t create divisiveness. Don’t start what others have termed “LinkedIn suicide.” It’s not worth it. Your banter will probably not change anyone’s opinion anyway. 

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