Membership Options

As a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit, the Philadelphia Area Great Careers appreciates any and all financial support by our attendees with career education and networking for career transition and career management. To continue to provide professional development opportunities, we encourage you to become a Bronze member for exclusive benefits and save a $5 per meeting fee for certain speaker meetings. Membership also entitles you to certain discounts.

Everyone is welcome to attend our non-speaker Career Success Groups and some other jobseeker support events without cost or obligation.

If you are participating in our organization, a goodwill donation is encouraged to cover incidental costs like insurance, hand-outs presentation materials, website fees, virtual platforms, etc. to run the organization. Thank you!


Bronze membership at $35/year has its benefits

  • Career Management Checklist
  • LinkedIn Group Membership
  • Meetup Group Membership
  • Accomplishment Stories Accelerator Template
  • Assessments Links
  • Business Card Tips
  • Discounts Available 
  • Job Search Accelerator Activity Trackers
  • LinkedIn Accelerator Checklist
  • Resume Accelerator Checklist
  • Name Tag Tent Card and Name Tag
  • Networking Accelerator Checklist
  • Salary Websites
  • Remote & Other Jobs Links, Articles, & Online Resources
  • Free attendance to any $5 speaker meetings
  • $10 webinars discounted to $5

Forthcoming! Stay tuned!