Membership Options​

Please carefully read the details of the two membership options below

Bronze membership $35/year has its benefits
  • Career Management Checklist
  • LinkedIn Group Membership
  • Meetup Group Membership
  • Accomplishment Stories Accelerator Template
  • Assessments Links
  • Business Card Tips
  • Discounts Available 
  • Job Search Accelerator Activity Trackers
  • LinkedIn Accelerator Checklist
  • Resume Accelerator Checklist
  • Networking Accelerator Checklist
  • Salary Websites
  • Remote & Other Jobs Links, Articles, & Online Resources
  • Free attendance to any $5 speaker meetings for an entire YEAR!
  • $10 webinars discounted to $5
Are you considering upgrading from Bronze to BENG?
BENG membership will have all the benefits of Bronze membership and has the additional benefit of access to the mid to senior level executives networking meetings held by BENG. New or renewing members can buy Bronze or BENG memberships by paying the appropriate fee.
However, prospective BENG members must complete an application and submit a resume for review of their qualifications. 

If a Bronze member learns of the BENG membership and qualifies to join BENG, the Bronze member can pay an upgrade fee equal to the difference in cost between the BENG and Bronze membership cost to become a BENG Member, but it must do so within 30 days as noted below.

The upgrade will be available for 30 days after payment is received for a Bronze membership. After 30 days, the full BENG membership fee is required.

BENG membership $49/year if qualifications met

The Business Executives Networking Group (BENG) is for mid to senior level professionals as described in About Us

Before making the annual $49 purchase, fill out the membership application and send your resume to

If your application has been approved, or if you are renewing your existing yearly membership, you may make payment on the link below. You will also receive the Bronze membership offerings. 

Please do not pay for a BENG membership until your application has been approved. Refunds are not available but will be confirmed as a Bronze member.

As a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit, the Philadelphia Area Great Careers Group, along with its BENG and Nonprofit Career Network divisions, we offer career education and networking for career transition and career management. To reap all of the benefits of professional development, discounts, networking, and more, become a paid member.

Job seekers are welcome to attend our non-speaker Career Success Group meetings without cost or obligation.

If you are participating in our organization, a goodwill donation is encouraged to cover incidental costs like insurance, hand-outs presentation materials, website fees, virtual platforms, etc. to run the organization.