How to Make a Voice Recorded LinkedIn Message

How to Make a Voice Recorded LinkedIn Message

Did you know you could make a voice recorded message on LinkedIn up to one minute? It’s a dictated message; not voice to text and you can send it to an individual or a group, as long as they are 1st degree connections.

First thing’s first – check your profile settings in LinkedIn to make sure you are receiving messages in your messaging list, as well as via email, especially if you are not checking LinkedIn morning, noon, and night like some people (like me)! You don’t want to miss important communiques from your connections! 

If you are prompted to allow LinkedIn to access your microphone, tap OK. 

You need to be on your mobile device in the LinkedIn app to follow these instructions. 

Reply to a message to an individual using a voice message:

  1. tap on the message you want to reply to
  2. tap the microphone (voice messaging) icon 
  3. Tap the blue circle and hold it down and dictate the message
  4. release and tap send

Send a voice message to a group:

  1. tap the messaging icons in the top right of the screen 
  2. tap the heads with the + sign in the top right of the screen
  3. type the names of the people you want to add to the group
  4. enter a group name if desired
  5. tap next
  6. tap the microphone icon and hold it down and dictate the message
  7. release to send

Want to read the instructions by LinkedIn? Click here

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