College Grads and LinkedIn

Some students finish their college coursework in December instead of May. If you think they are all prepared to be jobseekers, then think again.

They do not have their career documents together (resume – one for handing people and another for online applications, LinkedIn profiles, BIO, networking one pager, job tracker sheet, networking business cards, target company list, etc.)

They do not have a well prepared and practiced elevator pitch and have not been groomed for interviews nor do they know how to negotiate salaries, much less look them up to find out the range in the local area.

They don’t know how to network online and in person, much less follow up … and I could go on. 

After paying who knows how much for that piece of paper called a diploma, one would think that the students might be better prepared. They are not. 

I spent time with one December graduate this week who finally has a LinkedIn profile (which should have been established in high school) to connect with family and friends. However, she has been instructed by me NOT to connect to potential employers and search for jobs until she has her proverbial “career document act” together. It’s a process and a journey for this phenomenon, which could be known as job school 101. Better to take the time to prepare and groom than rush into the unknown. 

Another local student who will graduate in May attended one of our speaker and networking meetings this week and exclaimed how much he learned from being there. He never realized that this career education support system existed. Now he knows. 

Bottom line … do not neglect managing your career and your career documents from the beginning of your career onward and make networking a habit. A simple start would be with a Bronze membership.

If you want to engage in career management in a group setting, save the date of Saturday February 1st for an all day accelerator in King of Prussia. We will walk with you along your career management journey!

Also register for the upcoming LinkedIn workshops listed below. 

You can also ask mom and dad to hire a coach, as suggested by Alex Freund in this video interview with Anthony Uva who runs a program called Secrets of College Planning Show. 

Dive in! Welcome to life! You have work to do!

Don’t miss our upcoming featured events. If you are a working adult, come learn and network with us. Visit the events tab on our website.

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Visual Resumes and LinkedIn

You got that end of year bonus … or not. You are wondering if you should stay or go … or not. You would like to climb the ladder where you are at or perhaps somewhere else.

Nonetheless, you have heard how important it is to engage in your own career management and keep your career documents up to date. With the start of a new year as well as a new decade, it’s time to add this task to your New Year’s Resolution so you are prepared for any downsizings, reorgs, mergers and acquisitions, changes, etc. These things happen and many times with no notice! 

Remember hearing those Girl and Boy Scout mottos to BE PREPARED

Are you?

Aside from LinkedIn, you need to have a resume. So if you ask 10 resume writers how to write a resume, it’s probable that you will get 15 or more different answers. 

As I am one of those resume writers, I have only one style I use – a researched based style, which I then convert to a resume with no formatting that will make it through the online application process, otherwise called the Applicant Tracking System or ATS. I write resumes with technology and bots in mind and not for making a visual statement of creativity.

However, today, I’d rather talk about those creative visual resumes. Although I do not offer this style, they might be the right thing for people in the creative space, as long as they are handing it to a human being or emailing it or perhaps adding it to their LinkedIn profile as a media attachment. Yes you can add your resume to your LinkedIn profile and here is how.

Although I do not know for sure, I can only surmise these types of resumes would have a heck of a time making it through any ATS and they could potentially lack the keywords necessary to match job descriptions, In addition, they might be extremely difficult to customize for each job application without constantly re-hiring the creator, unless you controlled the software.

Nonetheless, here is a list of some resources. 




Envato Elements

Kick Resume




Resumes by Canva



Standard Resume


Visual CV


Hopefully this list is helpful should you choose to go down this path for whatever reason you want to justify. For me … I’ll stick with the research-based one that I can also tweak so it’s bot-friendly! 

Bottom line … do not neglect managing your career and your career documents. A simple start would be with a Bronze membership.

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How to Wish a “Branded Happy Birthday” on LinkedIn

For any upcoming birthdays,  you can send a  “Branded Happy Birthday” message to your connections. 

Listing your birthday on LinkedIn is optional, but if you do list it, it’s a chance for a human to human touch point as some people will remember you! When you get to as many connections as I have, then sometimes it’s just not possible to do, as there are only so many hours in the day. Apologies to those in my network who I have recently forgotten.

So what do I mean about “Branded”? Below is the verbiage that I copy and paste from my notes app on my iPhone when I get a notification from LinkedIn that it’s someone’s birthday. 

All I have to do is to type their name to customize, but the rest is pre-typed and pre-formatted. This technique makes it special, as it’s individualized and my signature and links at the bottom are a form of subtle advertising so I stay top of mind in case we have not touched base since we connected or met. Gotta love those emojis!

♫♪Happy Birthday to you !!!


Happy Birthday to you!!!

♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

Happy Birthday dear (name) !!! 

♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪♪

Happy Birthday to you!!!

♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ 

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays and happy cake and ice cream day!

Enjoy your day!


🏼 Check out our membership page! 

Engage in career management!

@GreatCareersPHL #GreatCareersPHL

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Diversity & Inclusion on LinkedIn

What do you do when one person says something to you that makes a very deep impression? You write about it and share it with a bigger audience! Hello audience. Let’s discuss Diversity and Inclusion and LinkedIn.

The Philadelphia Area Great Careers Group is an all inclusive and diverse 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and everyone is welcome. We have run a bunch of Job Search Accelerator Workshops (JSA) over the past couple of years. After a recent JSA, an African-American male participant shared with me that he did not want to put his Linkedin profile URL on his resume, as he wanted hiring managers to judge him on his skills, work experience, and formal education and not his color. (Need an HR professional in Philly? I have a terrific candidate to refer!)

Nonetheless, I’m just SMH (check the Urban Dictionary if you don’t know what that means). He sent me a link to this Youtube video, which makes me continue to SMH in disbelief.

In case you are not aware, there is a Diversity and Inclusion Committee at the Chester County Economic Development Council led by Dawna Hankins, who is the Assistant Director of Human Resources at the Downingtown School District. I am on that committee with others and we are sharing information and best practices with each other. Join us!

Last month, I attended a terrific Diversity and Inclusion Awareness workshop run by the Montgomery County Foundation.

Two weeks ago, I attended the LGBTQ+ Inclusivity in the Workplace breakfast at the Chester County Human Resources Association (CCHRA). The speaker came from Maryland and provided valuable content, so I booked him to speak for my nonprofit. I requested that he provide me with locations where I could post open Board positions and he shared two links: Pink Jobs and Transgender Job Bank. Employers may want to post jobs there also. Please share other locations with me if you are aware of any. We are seeking to expand our Board.

I’m also looking forward to the CCHRA’s January 24th meeting that will highlight Mental Health in the Workplace. As my late husband was on the Spectrum, this topic is of keen interest and certainly relates to D&I.

This past Monday, I was honored to be invited to a DiverseForce on Boards (DFOB) holiday gathering in Philadelphia by Pressy Abraham, the VP Operations on my Board of Directors and a jobseeker herself. We are very fortunate that she currently enrolled in the Board Leadership and Governance Program at the University of Pennsylvania and we are the recipients of her class projects. Had it not been for her, I never would have known about the DFOB and this gathering with State Senator Vincent Hughes and Sheryl Lee Ralph. As a follow up, I was able to fill out an application for Board positions we are trying to fill with the DFOB. If you have a need for a diverse board, you now know about this organization.

So what does all this have to do with LinkedIn? With over 660+ million people on the platform worldwide and two people joining every second, Linkedin is full of diversity. I connected with so many incredible people that I met at each and every one of these events … on LinkedIn … either by invitations on my desktop, on my mobile app, via the QR code on the mobile app, and especially with the LinkedIn Find Nearby feature on the mobile app.

So, as we are at the tail end of the year, let’s celebrate diversity, inclusion, equity, and unity as we get ready to roll into 2020 and let’s make new diverse friends and connections on LinkedIn … locally, regionally, and around the world.

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Hashtags Matter

As a thought leader on LinkedIn, you can publish articles on LinkedIn as well as posts, not to mention liking, commenting, or sharing other people’s content. Commenting is always preferred by LinkedIn to likes and shares.   

However, when you write and publish an article, LinkedIn notes that you can edit the article, but you cannot edit, remove, or add hashtags you included in the article. So, make sure you have your hashtags confirmed and spelled correctly before you hit the publish button.

Companies can manage trending employee content hashtags if they are logged on as an administrator on the company page.

Hashtags can also be added to create Linkedin Page Communities.

But here is the latest on hashtags. If you happen to follow the #NewLinkedInFeature hashtag on LinkedIn, you would have noticed new posts last week that have people wondering if there is an algorithm change that LinkedIn has not notified us about. 

Previously, I mentioned that you should only have three (3) hashtags in your posts and LinkedIn expert, Kevin D. Turner, has noted that these first three hashtags used in your LinkedIn post are now part of the post’s URL. So, there is speculation that this may be picked up by Google for search, indexing, findability, and rankings. 

I tried a post with the three hashtags and … sure enough … the three hashtags became part of the URL as you can see below. 

I tried another post with four hashtags, but only the first three became part of the URL. 

The bottom line is that #hashtagsmatter so choose wisely!

LinkedIn Ladies

One cannot deny the fact that a lot of women like to get together with other women and just talk. Perhaps that is why there are so many women’s groups that exist. It’s a bonding thing and LinkedIn can help keep it going. 

LinkedIn can be the online connector to help build relationships with know, like, trust. It can bring people together to connect for even more introductions

For example, on Wed December 6th, I attended the Montgomery County Foundation Women and Leadership Forum for the first time (a sold out event of 300), which I will absolutely make an annual event. Not only did I get to hear and meet fabulous speakers, but also got to meet Tamala Edwards from 6ABC and she was awarded the Women of Distinction Award. In addition, I met some lovely ladies at my table and we connected on LinkedIn on the apps on our phones using the Scan and QR Code feature. That’s especially helpful at networking events when you run out of or don’t have business cards.

Every May, the Tri-County and Montgomery County SCORE chapters put on a Women’s Symposium and I have been on that planning committee for the past two years. That is another terrific women’s event.

Since I have been on the speaker’s bureau of Chester and Delaware County SCORE for 6-½ years, I also attend their Women’s Entrepreneurship Event. As I am the LinkedIn presenter for this SCORE chapter,I was able to bring this community of women together using the Find Nearby feature on the LinkedIn app. 

Bucks County SCORE also runs an annual women’s event at Parx Casino – yet another not to miss annual event.

Another fabulous annual Women’s event in Delaware County is called Womenomics and the next one is scheduled for March 7, 2020 and is hosted by the Friends of the Delaware County Women’s Commission and the Delaware County BPW. 

I am also a lifetime member of FemCity but there are still so many more ladies’ groups. 

There are just not enough hours in the day to attend them all, but attend something. Don’t think you cannot attend as a man, because you certainly can.

LinkedIn for Nonprofits

#GivingTuesday was on Dec 3, 2019 and a chance for nonprofit organizations to bring awareness to their missions on LinkedIn.

If the organization has a company page or LinkedIn group, those would be great places to post a reminder about #GivingTuesday or the organization’s mission or stories of impact. 

Members of the Board of Directors, volunteers, donors, potential donors, or friends of the organization can share any of the organization’s post(s) by clicking on the 3 dots at the top right of the post and then clicking on “copy link to post”. People can add their own commentary and hashtags to that URL. 

If you need to learn more about how to use LinkedIn for Nonprofits, you could sign up to attend the annual nonprofit conference at on Monday January 27, 2020. Having attended the past two years, I can tell you I got a lot out of it and am returning again. 

If you are not busy on Thursday, Dec 5th, you can join our Nonprofit Career Network (NCN) Philly group for breakfast in Lansdale and expand your network of other nonprofit professionals. 

If you are a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit, hopefully you reminded folks about your Amazon Smile account for Black Friday and Cyber Monday and if not, make sure you do that next year. 

If you need to attend a LinkedIn workshop, you will find the upcoming dates on the meetup under the events tab on our website with the last of 2019 on 12/19 and 12/21.