How to Embellish Your Job Titles on LinkedIn

Yada yada yada! You are a solopreneur and are into titles and want to call yourself President or CEO.  President or CEO of what? Perhaps you are a VP Sales … but a VP Sales of what? 

Don’t you want to be the first chair of the first violins, otherwise known as the concertmaster? Don’t you want to be that leader? 

Why not embellish your job titles on LinkedIn so you can play the first violinist role on your LinkedIn profile to command the best seat in your own online orchestra to create your own branded song? You have 100 characters to embellish your job title, so why not take advantage of using keywords after your real title? 

Here are three examples of attorneys who have very different skill sets and areas of expertise. I would certainly want to hire the right person to vigorously defend my specific interests as a client. Wouldn’t you?

Attorney | Consultant | Commercial Transactions | Healthcare | Compliance Agreements | Negotiations

Attorney | Family Law | Divorce | Child Custody | Child Support | Separation | Property Settlement 

Attorney | Personal Injury | Car Accident | Medical Malpractice | Wrongful Death | Slip and Fall 

LinkedIn is a database and people can do Boolean searches using AND, OR, or NOT in order to find people. So why not embellish your titles to potentially be found?

Don’t believe me? Listen to a story of the LinkedIn journey of a independent sales representative for promotional products. The day after he optimized his LinkedIn profile with keywords, he got a call for a job … and he wasn’t even looking for a job! In fact, you will learn many additional LinkedIn tips and tricks when you watch Getting Concrete Results from Social Media video starting at 1:27 on this website.

Just know that some HR professionals are purists and don’t believe you should embellish your title on LinkedIn. A recent poll from HR organizations like CCHRA, GVHRA, PSPS, and others resulted in 80% of HR professionals felt it was acceptable to embellish the titles. So now all you Client Happiness Representatives can now better explain what it is that you do! 

This article was originally published in Vista.Today

How to Make Your LinkedIn Brand Stand Out

What’s your personal brand on LinkedIn? What do you want people to know about you? Have you hyper focused on what differentiates or distinguishes you from someone else? Does someone know your expertise so well that they can recite your elevator pitch when you are not even present? Have you built a virtual sales force for referrals because you have focused on the concept of RICHES IN NICHES?

LinkedIn can certainly help you portray your niche, but you must optimize your profile to convey your brand, share your personal attributes, strengths, and areas of expertise, values, passion, and purpose. Below are some of the considerations you want to explore to build your brand:

  • Have you added any emojis to your strategically crafted research-based headline? ❤️
  • Does your summary state why you LOVE to do what you do so you are relatable and likable?
  • Have you added the right keywords that you have researched? LinkedIn is a search engine and is a gold mine of a database.
  • Are your keywords included in your summary, embellished in job titles, and present in the skills and endorsements section? Have you prioritized the top three skills and endorsements?
  • Do you have a custom banner?
  • Have you created a custom hashtag for all your social media posts?
  • Have you defined your target audience and positioned your value proposition to solve their problem or fix their pain points?
  • Have you added your volunteer experience and organizations to which you belong?
  • Are you participating on the platform daily by posting content or liking, sharing, or commenting on the content of others to create engagement as a thought leader?
  • Have you got over 500 connections?
  • Have you connected with your alumni network?
  • Are you reaching out to your network on a regular basis to keep yourself top-of-mind?
  • Do you have recommendations corroborating your “social proof” of the claims you have made about yourself?
  • Have you added media, photos, video, SlideShares, etc. below your summary and/or your work experiences?

Although there are many more things you can consider to build your brand, this is certainly a good start! Have fun!

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