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Whether you are employed or self-employed, you should be managing your career. This means keeping your documents up to date, refining your networking skills, building your sphere of influence, and building your technology skills.

For almost a decade Philadelphia Area Great Careers has offered career success groups for jobseekers, monthly meetings with speakers, purposeful structured networking, social events, and workshops on career transition, career management, entrepreneurship, social media topics of interest, LinkedIn workshops, and more in the Greater Philadelphia area, including DE and NJ.

Lynne WilliamsExecutive Director

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Need help writing your resume or developing your LinkedIn Profile? Rusty on interviewing techniques or how to go about the job search process? An array of workshops are available to teach you the skills you need to get a job or even change your career. 


PAGCG includes a wide variety of professionals. Meet people who are early in their career or seasoned across all industries. Utilize the Meetup groups to get advice or even a mentor. Group participants change often so you never know who you will meet!


What separates PAGCG from other networking groups is the strong sense of support. Connect with other career oriented professionals. Best of all there are people who will help you stay accountable to meet your goals.



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Meet our talented, skilled, and friendly Board of Directors! These are people who keep Philadelphia Area Great Careers thriving. Together we do one major and important job – help individuals like yourself find work you love.

Beth Zurcher
Beth Zurcher
Dr. Laura Dowling
Dr. Laura Dowling
VP Learning & Development
Steven Ritchey
Steven Ritchey
Chairman of the Board | VP Strategy and Business Development
Sean T. Reynolds
Sean T. Reynolds
Vice Chairman I VP Information Technology

Our Testimonials

Matt Cinelli
Matthew Cinelli

Through the course of my transition, from teacher to training and instructional design, I participated in numerous Philadelphia Area Great Careers Success Groups. I participated in networking activities and professional skills workshops. The consistency and support of others in a similar position, the exposure to industry trends, and the opportunity to practice interpersonal communication was a significant factor in my professional growth during this time, especially as an introvert.

Bill Indik
Bill Indik

I’ve have attended the career success group Meetups. If you’re unemployed or underemployed, it’s a wonderful way to network with others who are in a similar situation as you, in a supportive environment. Whether you’re shy or outgoing, it helps to be with people who can relate to the challenges and emotional issues of job searching, exchange ideas, mention postings, point out helpful upcoming events, and motivate each other. People frequently point out they have connections in companies where others in the meeting may want to apply.

Susan Denby Director of Communications

I attribute much of my interviewing success to the Philadelphia Area Great Careers Group members. Thank you for all your support, advice, and kindness throughout my transition. You are an amazing group of people! Of course, I have learned we are always in transition and that it is people, like us, who understand how important it is to cultivate relationships and help others. I am blessed to have met everyone in our Meetups.

Linda Cruz Manager, Corporate & Volunteer Engagment

I will be forever grateful to the Philadelphia Area Great Careers Group and how they have helped me focus, stay on target, and grow. This group has been incredibly supportive in getting me to my landing. I am so grateful for the many services provided. Keep up the great work, as you help so many people. Thank you for all you do for those in career transition.

Laurie Marshall Information Developer

My experiences with the Philadelphia Area Great Careers Group meetups have been nothing but positive! From the first meeting, I was struck by how welcoming and supportive everyone was. Attendees and volunteers alike are willing to share leads and contacts as well as tips and advice. The meetings are well organized, efficiently run, and packed with helpful information! The speakers are very engaging and present relevant, current material. The 30 second elevator pitches, as part of the purposeful structured networking, are a practical way for people to polish their message and quickly make new connections.