How to Connect on Online Meetings Without Obscene Pop Up Ads

Beware of XXX-rated porn trolls on your online meetings. I attended a meeting with a Zoom link that was publicly posted on a Meetup and BOOM! There it was – things that grandma should not see. Those were some things I have actually never seen either. Wow! Just wow! 

Come to find out, these surprise visuals are called ‘porn-bombing’ or ‘Zoom-bombing,’ and the filth pops up on your screen, according to The Sun and Business Insider.  But, you can stop them from infiltrating your meetings in the first place. 

Here are some recommendations to protect yourself from embarrassment and apologies. On your Zoom control panel, disable your screen sharing and switch it to “Host-Only” but feel free to invite Co-hosts who have the same privileges as you as the host. Disable “Allow Removed Participants to Rejoin.” Disable “File Transfer.” Make sure “Join Before Host” is not switched on. Switch to screen sharing for “Host-Only.”

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