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We are #1 on the Business Networking Associations listed in the Philadelphia Business Journal.

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Building a Network of Support for Professionals

About us
We will help you develop a strategy to achieve your career goals.

Using expert presentations, cutting-edge technology, networking, and small and large group interaction, we offer innovative approaches to career management and job search.

We take pride in providing a variety of learning events.

We offer Career Success Groups for job seekers, weekly and monthly meetings with speakers, networking, social events, and workshops on career transition, career management, and more.

Upcoming Events

11/29 Mon

  • Career Success Group

11/30 Tues

  • 7 Levels of Energy

12/1 Wed

  • Customizing cover letters, resumes, & references for increasing job search traction
  • PowerThinking: Rejuvenating Your Amazing Mind Weekly Resilience Building Call-In

12/2 Thurs

  • Designing a New Career with Business Model U
  • LGBTQ+ OUTstanding Careers Group

12/3 Fri

  • Interview Preparation
  • How Credibility is the Key to Your Success (on Clubhouse)

12/6 Mon

  • Career Success Group
  • The Executive Edge; How to Get Your Ideal Job Faster
  • Virtual Job Seeker Support Meeting

12/7 Tues

  • Branding
  • Business Executives Networking Group (BENG) Northern VA

12/8 Wed

  • PowerThinking: Rejuvenating Your Amazing Mind Weekly Resilience Building Call-In
  • Negotiate Your Salary at Every Step of the Process

12/9 Thurs

  • Rock Your Career Pivot

12/10 Fri

  • Interview Preparation
  • Am I Underemployed? Seven Questions to Ask and Why? (on Clubhouse)

12/13 Mon

  • Career Success Group
  • Small Mistakes, Big Consequences: Using Soft Skills Effectively In an Interview and On the Job to Success!

12/14 Tues

  • Make a Strong Start in 2022 at BENG Atlanta
  • Neurodiversity in the Workforce
  • Business Executives Networking Group West Chester

12/16 Thurs

  • My Epiphany: Working Independent in the Nonprofit Sector
  • LGBTQ+ OUTstanding Careers Group

12/17 Fri

  • Interview Preparation

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